Hello Namasthe is a tale of friendship of two young men who are colleagues. It's a comedy film that travels through their bond, a small tiff that develops in their relationship and their journey of ups, downs and realizations.

Vinay Forrt, who has risen to stardom with films like Premam and Kohinoor plays Madhav. 1983 and Nee Ko Nja Cha fame Sanju Sivram plays Jerry. The female leads are Bhavana (as Madhav's wife Priya) and Miya (as Jerry's wife Anna). Mukesh, Aju Varghese, Joju George, Soubin Shahir, KPAC Lalitha, P. Balachandran, Muthumani and 'Karutha Muthu' fame Akshara Kishor add sheen to the cast of Hello Namasthe.

Crew Members: Jayan K. Nair (Direction), Krishna Poojappura (Script), P. Sukumar (Cinematography), 'Drisyam' fame Ayoob Khan (Editing)

The storyline is as follows: Madhav and Jerry are RJs in 'Hello FM', a private FM channel based in Kochi. The highlight show of the channel is named 'Hello Namasthe' and presented by Madhav & Jerry - the hit RJ duo (on the lines of Big B & Murugan in Radio Mango). In fact, the sustenance of the channel itself is dependent on this show. They get to know about an eco-friendly villa project in the city and decide to buy two of them and promote themselves from friends to neighbours. But a seemingly small difference of opinion about a jackfruit tree develops and they end up fighting with each other. The friction in their personal life starts affecting their profession. The issue is taken up by the colony neighbours, media and politicians and things go out of control. All these incidents are presented with a tinge of comedy and wrap up with a happy climax.

Hello Namasthe is a clean family entertainer that is sure to grip the home viewers. It has fun moments of friendship and family which will appeal to the young and the old alike. The film may not have any male superstar acting in it; but has an ensemble cast of stellar actors that's a combination of veterans and current favourites.

The strength of the film lies in its plot which every member of the audience will relate to. It is a story that could happen in any neighbourhood thus making it very real and relatable. This very reason makes the story appealing to people of all demographics, and not just the urban audience – although the film is set in an urban locale like Kochi.

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